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Accommodation Learn how and when to give this template message At Communities-speaking Canadian universitieswritings presented in fulfillment of actual coursework requirements are normally called authors, term papers or essays. It also uses information on the online payment of electronic theses in the college and information science through centrally-maintained digital Theses and dissertations library which not only tinker easy access and archiving of doctoral shipmates but will also help in relevant the standard and examining of research.

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Search WorldCat Discovery: Search for print and electronic books, journals, dissertations, and media held by Gordon-Conwell, libraries around the world, and the DTL digital collection. Theses & Dissertations UJ IR. Electronic Theses & Dissertations completed at UJ can be searched by selecting Theses & Dissertations under 'Communities in UJ IR'.

Country or Region Resource Name/URL Description; Armenia Open Access Repository of the Armenian Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Australia Trove. Find Books → ODIN [bundled as a part of the ODIN consortial statewide package]: Gordon B. Olson Library's catalog (no government documents are included in this catalog).

-- (If you are interested in searching for government documents in ODIN, click here.) → WorldCat [bundled as a part of the ODIN consortial statewide package]: A worldwide library catalog (has access to books and other.

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Bibliographic citations to doctoral dissertations and masters theses from graduate schools and universities. Indexes from onward, provides abstracts from onward, and supplies page previews from until the present.

The About page of the British Library EThOS service. Search across ,+ theses for free and order full text quickly and easily.

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