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In The Myth of the Latin Woman Essay, Judith Ortiz Cofer talks about her life in America as a Puerto Rican immigrant. She talks about how people stereotyped her, how different American culture was from Puerto Rican culture, and about how she wanted to fit in, but could not because of her di. The Myth Of The Latin Woman: I just Met a Girl Named Maria also another face of the Latin woman in the United States is the menial and domestic.

S.G Cofer did use exemplifications on her story to support her thesis and provided the.

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The Myth of the Latin Woman (also known under the title Just Met a Girl Named Maria) is a non-fiction essay written by Puerto Rican author Judith Ortiz Cofer. In the story, Cofer details the racist stereotypes that she has encountered in her life, as well as ones that women of Hispanic and Latin descent have encountered.

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