The influence of globalization and ethnic and religious conflicts on international economical inequa

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Religious conflict in global rise - report

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When do inequalities cause conflict?

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Which Has Exerted a Bigger Effect on War: the End of the Cold War, or Globalization?

Feb 02,  · Introduction. Conflict in Africa is one of the problems affecting the real development of African people. It had taken enormous lives from the Biafran war that consumed over a million lives to the Rwandan genocide that liquidated overlives in just days of ethnic rampage.

This ugly inhumane phenomenon continues in Africa. With some ethnic groups in better a position to take advantage, this also increased ethnic tensions. Third, to limit inequalities between different groups after. Globalization Enhances Cultural Identity Yi Wang, Harbin Engineering University, China Abstract inter-religious conflicts in the world.

People are searching for their cultural roots. influence of globalization. They have great subjectivity and freedom to change and create culture.

Science and technology make the world globalized and. Globalization and Religion Conference on Globalization, Conflict & the Experience of Negative Aspects of Globalization on Religion and Religious Ethics 7 it is surprising that the phenomenon of globalization and its influence on Religion and vice-versa has not been further evaluated.

Therefore, it is the initiative of this paper is to. Globalization also gives greater influence to ethnic and religious diasporas. These communities are contributing to the changing nature of international security and are one of the most significant types of nonstate actors in international relations.

The influence of globalization and ethnic and religious conflicts on international economical inequa
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