The details of the escalating conflict in vietnam and the start of the vietnam war

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55b. Years of Escalation: 1965-68

When Japan surrendered at the end of World War II inHo Chi Minh’s forces took the capital of Hanoi and declared Vietnam to be an independent country, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

France refused to recognize Ho’s declaration and returned to Vietnam, driving Ho’s Communist forces into northern Vietnam. Aug 08,  · History question about Vietnam HELP!? The U.S. conflict in Vietnam lasted throughout three American presidencies.

The original goal was to contain communism and keep its principles out of South Resolved.

Operation Rolling Thunder

“the company became part of a consortium of four companies that built about 85 percent of the infrastructure needed by the Navy during the Vietnam War. Inthe Government Accounting Office alleged that Brown & Root had been unaccountable with public funds and allowed materials to be stolen.

A Vietnam War Timeline [Note: This timeline is an abbreviated version of the more detailed timeline posted on the Public Broadcasting System's "Vietnam Online" section of The American Experience.].

The Vietnam War. America Commits - January - Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev pledges support for "wars of national liberation" throughout the world.

His statement greatly encourages Communists in North Vietnam to escalate their armed struggle to unify Vietnam. On August 2,gunboats of North Vietnam allegedly fired on ships of the United States Navy stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin. They had been sailing 10 miles off the coast of North Vietnam in support of the South Vietnamese navy.

When reports that further firing occurred on August 4, President Johnson quickly asked Congress to respond.

The details of the escalating conflict in vietnam and the start of the vietnam war
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