The construction and historical significance of the pantheon

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The Pantheon

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The Ancient Roman Pantheon of Gods: Architecture & Facts

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The Pantheon - Paris

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The Pantheon, a temple in Rome dedicated to all the gods, was rebuilt in its present form by the emperor Hadrian, (between AD). There are several aspects of the Pantheon which are of significance in connection with Structural Engineering. The building is in two parts: the dome, and the entrance porch.

The Pantheon has been in use since the time it was built. Architecture of the Pantheon Probably one of the most fascinating features of the Pantheon is the Architecture.

The structure of the Pantheon is comprised of a series of intersecting arches. The Influencial Architecture of the Pantheon in Rome The Classical Building That Inspired Neoclassicism.

Share Flipboard Email It is the early experimentation with dome construction that has made Rome's Pantheon important in architectural history. The portico and dome combination has influenced Western architectural design for.

The Pantheon

The builders of the Pantheon were smart though. Although it was customary for the Romans to use larger stones in the dome concrete than in the walls. So they gathered lightweight stones was a process that helped the idea and the making of light weight concrete that was evolved in the middle of the first century B.C.

Today a Christian church, the Pantheon is the best preserved of all ancient Roman buildings and has been in near-continuous use since Hadrian’s reconstruction. From a distance the Pantheon is not as awe-inspiring as other ancient monuments — the dome appears low, not much higher than surrounding buildings.

What is the historical significance? The Pantheon contains the tombs of Raphael and several Italian Kings. Its interior design is different with the temple's structural design, but the marble floor still followes the original Roman design.

The construction and historical significance of the pantheon
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