The beginning of japans efforts to modernize its political and social institutions in the emperor me

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A History ofJapan, p.

Tokugawa Period and Meiji Restoration

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Meiji Period in Japan

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History of China

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Politics of Japan

Japan fought a war against China in over the control of Korea and gained Taiwan, Japan's first colony. InJapan signed an alliance with Great Britain, which signified a dramatic increase in international status, and inJapan won a war against Russia, one of the major Western powers.

For a country that has very few domestic industries with over half of its population still below poverty line, it is a very dangerous situation not just in economic terms but also in social and political terms.

There are many good answers already, however I wish to use one episode of that era to illustrate one point about this highly debatable topic.


In there was a battle Yalu River (Chinese Huang Hai/Yellow Sea Battle) where the Chinese Navy (of the last imperial era the Qing Dynasty) fought the Japanese.

Introduced through China and Korea around adBuddhism spread rapidly throughout Japan and has had considerable influence on the nation's arts and its social institutions. There are 13 sects (shu) and 56 denominations, the principal shu being Tendai, Shingon, Jodo, Zen, Soto, Obaku, and Nichiren.

Could Japan modernize and industrialize without losing its sense of self? These were questions Japanese of the time asked themselves. The establishment of this new government in marked the beginning of Japan’s Meiji period ().

It is also sometimes called the Meiji Restoration. These social and political programs were.

The beginning of japans efforts to modernize its political and social institutions in the emperor me
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