The adversary of religion and science

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10 Dark Moments In The History Of Satanism

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Doesn't religion cause most of the conflict in the world?

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Did Albert Einstein Humiliate an Atheist Professor?

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10 Dark Moments In The History Of Satanism

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They are obvious to force government leaders into following our position one hundred percent. An enemy or a foe is an individual or a group that is verified as forcefully adverse or threatening. The concept of an enemy has been observed to be "basic for both individuals and communities".

The term "enemy" serves the social function of designating a particular entity as a threat, thereby invoking an intense emotional response to that entity. The state of being or having an enemy is. Claim: While a college student, Albert Einstein humiliated an atheist professor by using the "Evil is the absence of God" argument on The Adversary of Religion and Science PAGES 1.

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Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed. Why Religious People Should Treat Atheist Podcaster Sam Harris As A Valuable Adversary.

More seriously, he acts and speaks as though, in the absence of religion, we can live the good life.


An adversary is generally considered to be a person, group, or force that opposes and/or attacks. Adversary may also refer to: Satan ("adversary" in Hebrew), in Judeo-Christian religion. “There is no scientific evidence whatsoever of any miracles ever actually occurring.” “The Jesus story just is an accumulation of myths of legendary people, all rolled into one über nice guy.” “Science and faith are incompatible ways of thinking.

The adversary of religion and science
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Biblical Christianity Denies Free Will