Stalin paranoia and the purges

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To What Extent was Stalin's Personal Paranoia the Main Reason for the Purges?

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Stalin, was his paranoia the main cause of the great purges?

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Was Stalin’s paranoia the driving force in the creation of the purges, or was Stalin merely pushed by his obsession with power? Words Economic Problems There was a great deal of opposition to Stalin’s economic policies in the s, and it can be argued that this. Joseph Stalin’s tenure as the Soviet Union’s head of State is remembered largely for his domestic policies like the First Five Year Plan, but also his paranoia fueled purges of the Soviet people and the Communist Party.

Stalin's purges could otherwise be translated as "Stalin's Terror". They grew from his paranoia and his desire to be absolute autocrat, and were enforced via the NKVD (Communist Secret police) and public 'show trials'.

They helped develop a centrally-enforced 'cult of Stalin-worship', and a terrifying system of labor camps - the gulag. Just as Stalin's nature led to the Purges, growing from Bolshevism, Yezhov's nature led to the Yezhovschina growing from the Purges. Stalin did not initiate the Purges because of a desire to make economic scapegoats or unify the country in foreign policy opinion, but whilst the Purge occurred he seized these opportunities.

One key reason other than Stalin’s personal paranoia for the Purges was to cleanse the party of careerists, yet dissidents and doubters were also at risk. The purges have their origins in the situation in the communist party immediately after collectivisation.

Much of Stalin’s paranoid fixation about the Red Army was focused on its head, Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky. As brutal as Stalin in quelling opposition, using poison gas on revolting peasants, and executing reform-seeking sailors, Tukhachevsky was a brilliant advocate of armored warfare.

Stalin paranoia and the purges
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