Significance of hrm in the travel and tourism sector

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The Growing Importance of Travel & Tourism to the Global Economy [infographic]

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The component sectors in the hospitality industry are Hotels & motels, Guest houses, Restaurants, cafes & snack bars, Night-clubs and Public houses.

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Importance of HRM in Hospitality Industry. The importance of HRM in the hospitality industry cannot be denied. Published: Mon, 5 Dec The purpose of this report is to evaluate the significance of IHRM for the companies within the travel and tourism sector.

The report will address this issue with reference to the case of the British Airways Lpc (BA) – one of the largest international airlines. Chapter 1 Human resource management and the tourism and hospitality industry: an introduction Review and reflect question 1 If you are currently working in the tourism and hospitality industry whilst completing your studies list what you consider good and bad aspects of your job and reasons for this.

Tourism industry is the source of income for both public also well as private sector government charges tax, sales tax, service tax etc. which is known as government revenue is the income of public.

The paper goes on to explain the critical contribution of employees to the competitive advantage of tourism organisations and why human resources are an important issue for the industry. The model of performance management adopted by an organisation must be customised to meet individual business and employee needs.

A degree in Human Resource Management from Strathclyde is greatly valued by employers. Graduates find jobs directly related to HRM while others go into broader business and administrative roles. Our HRM graduates find jobs in insurance, retail, manufacturing, recruitment consultancy and in the public sector.

Significance of hrm in the travel and tourism sector
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