Sex differences in mongolian gerbils

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Sexing Gerbils

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Sexing Gerbils

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Sex Differences in Mongolian Gerbils

Pazara, and Kelley L. Linseman Ischemia-Gerbils­ Neuronal necrosis-Sex differences-Lipid peroxida­ Male and female Mongolian gerbils (Meriones ungui­.

Thus, this study was conducted to investigates sex differences between male and female Mongolian gerbils within four established test paradigms for anxiety: the elevated plus maze, black–white box, open-field and social interaction tests.

Sex Differences in Mongolian Gerbils Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Adebisi Alao, at Canterbury Christ Church University: c.

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Sex Differences in Mongolian Gerbils

uk Sex differences in Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus) in an open-field test. Sexing Mongolian gerbils becomes quite straight forward from around 5 weeks of age and there are distinct visible differences between males and females.

These main distinct differences are observed in adult gerbils and are as following. Fighting occurred in 56 per cent of mixed sex pairings.?SWANSON: SEX DIFFERENCES IN BEHAVIOUR OF THE MONGOLIAN GERBIL PLATE XXI Illustration of some postures shown by gerbils in a mixed sex encounter.

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In conclusion, the results show that sex differences in anxiety-like behaviour in gerbils are best detected using the social interaction test, which suggests that females show a more anxious profile.

Sex differences in mongolian gerbils
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