Ratio analysis between metro spinning and saiham textile ltd

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Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper

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Inflation which rose to 9. Financial Statement Analysis of the Textile Industry Of Bangladesh Prepared for: M. Sayeed AlaIn I)eputy Director, Saiham Textile, Bextex Ltd. My purposc was to find the real life implications of the study materials.

This report is divided into two parts. Firstly. So we can say that Saiham textile Ltd is more capable to meet its current liability than that of Metro spinning Ltd. Chart1 Metro spinning Metro spinning Saiham textile Saiham textile Current Ratio Sheet1 Metro spinning Saiham textile To. Jute Spinners, Sonali Aansh etc.

Textiles (25): Al-Hajj Textile, Stylecraft, Rahim Textile, Quasem Textile, Saiham Textile, Modern Dying, Desh Garments etc 24 | P a g e Sectoral P/E Ratio. Saiham Textile Mills Ltd.(if any) Saiham Textile Mills Ltd.

(if any) Previous Next. Apex Spinning and Knitting Mills Limited is a Public Limited Company registered under the Companies Act It was incorporated in Bangladesh on 25th November. This lecture focus to present on Cross Sectional Analysis Between Metro Spinning and Saiham Textile.

After analyzing capital structure and impact of the in profitability of both the industry here find the high volume of debt capital in capital framework affect negatively in company’s revenue.

Metro Spinning Limited (METROSPIN) Ratio analysis between metro spinning and saiham textile ltd
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