Organizations and the importance of upgrading to windows 2000

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GeoLytics now offers a market segmentation SPECTRUM segments allow users to profile their customers as well as evaluate locations for their suitability. This specialized product can help you compete with large businesses that have large marketing research budgets.

Mobile communication has made an impact towards interaction between people while conducting business either locally or internationally. The expansion of mobile communication technology e.g.

wireless internet, mobile phone and Global Positioning System (GPS) are constantly evolving and upgrading as a result of consumers’ changing needs and preferences. BCIT's Computer Information Technology (CIT) Diploma is a unique two-year full-time program leading to a variety of well-paying careers in the IT sector.

Focused on emerging tools and technologies, it offers hands-on work on real industry projects, and equips grads for exciting and evolving tech roles.

Now offered in a new state-of-the-art learning space at the Downtown Vancouver Campus. Even as Windows Vista is released, there are a number of organizations that are still successfully running Windows and XP.

Over time these organizations may move to Vista, but the business community traditionally has been less eager to migrate platforms than the home user community.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Organizations and the importance of upgrading to windows 2000
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