Examining the economic and political problems in germany between 1918 1933

___ Outline of Germany's History

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European History/Europe: 1918 to 1945

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What was the impact of the Weimar period on the rise of the Nazis?

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The German Elections Ephemera Collection comprises printed publications including leaflets, broadsides, periodical issues and periodical issue reprints issued on behalf of or in opposition to several political parties seeking representation in the German political system.

The majority of this material was created in response to the presidential election and the two Reichstag elections. During the Hitler era (), the economy developed a hothouse prosperity, supported with high government subsidies to those sectors that Hitler favored because they gave Germany military power and economic autarchy, that is, economic independence from the global economy.

This text comprises factual and interpretative information relating to Germany and German politics, society, economy and culture between and Its primary concern is with the Hitler years, but by setting them in their wider context it illuminates the many continuities in Germany.

By working through the activity and completing the worksheet, students will learn about the diplomatic, economic, social and political problems faced by the Republic, and consider how successfully the Republic dealt with them. I address the problem of policy shifts by examining the industrial- To achieve their political and economic goals, trade unions resorted to direct action (mass mobilization aiming at achieving political and economic goals) in the ^ miners’ strikes Britain and Germany, – The problems mentioned above from economic, military and political standpoints are only the primary problems that occurred in Weimar Germany.

Although there were more problems, they could best represent the threats Germany was facing at that time.

Examining the economic and political problems in germany between 1918 1933
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Describe the political problems in Germany in