Different types of resistors

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Types of Resistors

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Resistor Types

A rheostat is a 2-terminal jointed resistor. Typical power corrections range from 1W to 20W or more. This gives three connections to the component:. Between the three types of resistors based on composition, carbon-composition resistors, carbon-film resistors, and metal-film resistors, in overall performance, metal-film resistors are the best, carbon-film the next best, and carbon-composition resistors last.

Photo Resistor or LDR (Light Dependent Resistors) is a resistor which terminal value of resistance changes with light intensity. In other words, those resistors, which resistance values changes with the falling light on their surface is called Photo Resistor or Photo.

Resistors are available in different size, Shapes and materials. We will discuss all possible resistor types one by one in detail with pro and cons and application/uses.

Thin film resistors are limited to about watts and lower voltages than other resistor types but are very stable resistors. There is a price for the precision of thin film resistors which generally are twice the price of thick film resistors. In the next tutorial about Resistors, we will look at the different ways of identifying the resistive value of the different types of fixed resistors with the most common method of identification being the use of Colour Codes and colour bands around the body of the resistor.

There are many different Types of Resistor available for the electronics constructor to choose from, from very small surface mount chip resistors up to large wirewound power resistors.

Different types of resistors
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Types of Resistors