Cis 568 assignment on use case systems analysis and design databases programming networking and the

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Assignment 1: Social Networking In this assignment, you will explore the potential impact of social networking on the workplace. You would be surprised by what people can find out by simply Googling the name of a job applicant.

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Consult your use case scenarios to determine what the connections settings should be to improve performance in your application.

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RDBMS Session Cache When Oracle Identity Federation is integrated with RDBMS for its Session Data Store, the server uses a caching mechanism to improve performance at run time. About Oracle Virtual Directory. Oracle Virtual Directory is an LDAP Version 3-enabled service that provides an abstracted view of one or more enterprise data sources.

Oracle Virtual Directory consolidates multiple data sources into a single directory view, enabling you to integrate LDAP-aware applications with diverse directory server data stores.

Cis 568 assignment on use case systems analysis and design databases programming networking and the
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