Bpo attrition the problem and its

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Attrition Rate Reduction Project

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Reasons and Remedies of Employee Disengagement

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Sep 01,  · Attrition is a perennial challenge for BPO industry in India, with attrition rates of about 35%. The average tenure of a BPO staff in India is approximately 11 months.

BPO firms need to engage with staff and motivate them to ensure they continue in the work. The study reports that "the rate of attrition seems to be increasing," and it questions whether the offshore BPO industry can sustain growth and satisfy clients over the long term given this trend.

The inexperienced middle and frontline management is also one of the key causes of attrition. Strategies to Address Attrition. We propose the following solutions to tackle the acute problem of attrition in BPO. its employee help to control attrition.

Some of the BPO firms have adapted to the strategy of employing housewives and retired school teachers. They believe that this would help in controlling attrition, as they feel that the tendency and the potential of the employed to get shifted would reduce drastically.

Excellent article on attrition management that looks at how to control and reduce attrition. Looks at the key causes for attrition, particularly in a customer service, bpo or contact centre environment. Typically, BPO would include call centers, problem solving in insurance sector to other sophisticated activities like research and other back office dealings.

India has the advantage of low cost, highly qualified English speaking labour, thus most of the BPO ventures in India are call centers, although of late, companies are entering into high.

Bpo attrition the problem and its
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Managing Attrition in BPO Industry - Project Report | Human Resource Management