An introduction to the menos paradox and the theory of recollection

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Meno’s Paradox and the Theory of Recollection

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An introduction to the menos paradox and the theory of recollection

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Narrative. In response to Meno's paradox (or the learner's paradox), the immortality of the soul, the theory of knowledge as recollection, which Socrates demonstrates by posing a mathematical puzzle to one of Meno's slaves, the method of hypothesis, and, in the Introduction of virtue.

AbstractThis article focuses on the concept of metaphor as metaphorai, as varied means of transfer and transport, specifically on Góngora's innovative development of the metaphor as a vehicle for experiential transformation and epistemological exploration; ultimately emphasizing a hitherto neglected valorization of affect in the liberation of the imagination.

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Queer Theology

This Plato's character (and old teacher) Socrates is challenged by Meno with what has become known as the sophistic paradox, Plato Phaedo, edited with introduction and notes by John Burnet (Oxford: Clarendon Press) Jane M.

Day Plato's Meno in Focus.

An introduction to the menos paradox and the theory of recollection
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