An introduction to the issue and the definition of a stroke

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Thrombectomy plus thrombolysis for acute stroke: A word of caution

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Introduction To Strokes

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Types of stroke

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Medical Definition of Stroke

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To estimate the prevalence of emotionalism after stroke, to assess its relation with other mood disorders, and to identify clinical variables with which it is associated. Descriptive study of a cohort of patients consecutively entered on a community.

A stroke happens when blood stops flowing to any part of your brain, damaging brain cells. The interrupted blood flow causes damage to your brain.

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High blood pressure weakens arteries over time and is a major cause of hemorrhagic stroke. Similarly, for stroke patients, the percent with a primary end point changed from % (SAMMPRIS definition) and % (AHA/ASA definition) when patients with CITS as the qualifying event were excluded from the stroke group to % and % respectively.

Stroke is a medical emergency and seconds count. Brain cells begin to die within 4 minutes of the beginning of a stroke.

Call for emergency medical transport to a hospital's emergency department. The definition of symptomatic ICH used in Mr. Clean was an ICH accompanied by an increase of four or more points in the NIH stroke scale (by this definition, an ICH could result in paralysis of one arm and still be deemed asymptomatic).

An introduction to the issue and the definition of a stroke
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