An argument in favor of lowering the standards and require certification tests instead of bachelors

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Pressure grows on Marines to consider lowering combat standards for women

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What’s so bad about teaching to the test?

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Most state Departments of Education are working to devise systems that do just that, but many are not there yet. These tests typically require students to write open-ended. Admission, however, is not open to anyone and an application process is required, including the familiar admission rites of essays, recommendation letters, and transcripts.

Though I was officially a Harvard student by simply registering online for classes, I was not yet a candidate for the master’s of liberal arts. The emphasis of this educational reference is on words and phrases that appear in published works about war and military service; and amongst this jargon and slang, there is no pretense of objectivity or completeness, which may be readily found in official documents or government resources.

“Common core standards do not represent a meaningful improvement over existing state standards” (Porter, 24) – higher than some states, lower than others = right in the middle.

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Top 11 Reasons Why Students Drop out of College

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An argument in favor of lowering the standards and require certification tests instead of bachelors
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