An analysis of the sound made movies in the history and the different movies which used the sound ef

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A history of creative sound in film (abridged)

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The music in horror movies makes the movie being different, original and powerful. In current days, we can connect a movie to the particular soundtrack.

Soundtracks are made especially for certain movie's needs allowing to make the audiovisual icon of the movie. Luckily, The Sound of Music was so successful, it surpassed Gone With The Wind as the number one box office to date and went on to win five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

While a movie’s dialogue and sound are recorded during filming, a majority of sound effects and foley work are created during post-production. The average movie has hundreds of different sound. HDTV (High Definition TV) - BEGINNER's GUIDE / SOLUTIONS High Definition television (HDTV) is finally becoming available, and is capable of providing a much more detailed video picture than we in the U.S, have been older, over-the-air TV signal that you and your parents watched is now referred to as NTSC or Standard Definition, (SD) TV.

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10 Iconic Movie Sounds (And How They Were Made)

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The Evolution of Music in Movies

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An analysis of the sound made movies in the history and the different movies which used the sound ef
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