An analysis of the key features of kepler law and their importance for the surveyors knowledge

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Kepler's laws of planetary motion

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An analysis of nabokovs pnin

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The various areas of work involving the Quantity Surveyors require quite a substantial knowledge of various disciplines of law to meet the clients' expectation of the service offered by quantity surveyors and this coupled with greater competition both internally (from the profession) and externally that has resulted in a challenge to their professional status.

Kepler’s first law states that the orbits of the planets are ellipses with the sun at one focus(reference). This means that the Sun, as one of the points(foci), is not the centre of the ellipses; and the planet follows the ellipse in its orbit, which the distance of the planet and Sun will changing constantly as the planet moves around in its shape of ellipses.

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Exploring Kepler's Three Laws

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Kepler's Three Laws

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An analysis of the key features of kepler law and their importance for the surveyors knowledge
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