An analysis of the concept of democracy and representative government

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Representative democracy

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Representative Democracy Definition

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Models of Democracy: 6 Models

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Direct Democracy vs Representative Democracy

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Representative Democracy Definition

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The term is commonly used to describe a representative democracy or an indirect democracy. Many members of a representative government are elected by different blocks of voters. Blocks may be based on population numbers or on geography. In political science, different types of representation by members of the government include descriptive representation, dyadic representation and collective.

A representative government, or republic, is one that is governed by elected officials who represent different groups of people. The Romans were the first to use a representative government and most modern democracies feature some form of this system.

Unlike a direct democracy, voters in a. By contrast, our analysis has led us to abandon the concept altogether, because we find some fundamental faults with the idea itself that can not be reconciled by new modifications or reforms. Our critique is of democracy in all its various forms, whether representative or direct.

Before going to the details of the matter we want to quote a lengthy passage from Held’s book Models of Democracy: It is not true that a representative democracy protects right and liberty, through free elections, voting system, free competition among the parties etc.

As a concept and as a form of government democracy envisages. Simply put, a representative democracy is a system of government in which all eligible citizens vote on representatives to pass laws for them. A perfect example is the U.S., where we elect a. Building on the ideas of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, Saving Democracy shows how it is possible to combine the traditional town hall and the Internet to fashion a new theory of representative government that empowers citizens and bridges the enormous gap that now exists between the political elite and the average voter.

An analysis of the concept of democracy and representative government
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