An analysis of the chinese yum cha tradition and its practice in australia

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These are the ten best items at yum cha

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Yum Cha, literally means to drink tea. However, it means to have breakfast or a morning tea.

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To Yum Cha, is a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning, at a place to meet friends and to talk about business deals, or spoil yourself after a week of hard work, by treating yourself to the finest C. Yum cha (simplified Chinese: "drink tea"), is the Cantonese tradition of brunch or afternoon tea involving Chinese tea and dim sum.

The practice is popular in Yue-speaking regions in China, including the southern. Yum cha in Australia, and particularly in Sydney, is a serving of small Chinese dishes of a large variety of mainly steamed items, such as dim sums and barbecued pork buns, served from trolleys that go around among the form of dining is a favorite amongst many restaurants within Australia on account of its great value and the.

These are the ten best items at yum cha. It's an excuse to try a bit of almost everything. Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce But this "tradition. Yum cha in Cantonese Chinese literally means "drink tea". The phrase dim sum is sometimes used in place of yum cha ; in Cantonese, dim sum (點心) refers to the range of small dishes, whereas yum cha refers to the entire lemkoboxers.comional Chinese: 飲茶.

YUM CHA is the delicious Chinese practice of enjoying small portions of various dim sum dishes between sips of Chinese tea.

An analysis of the chinese yum cha tradition and its practice in australia
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