An analysis of the battle for senate in new york state as a close race between hillary rodham clinto

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United States Senate election in New York, 2000

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Hillary Clinton Wins N.Y. Senate Race

Oct 18,  · But the one race giving the Democrats heartburn in this category is FL, an open South Florida seat that Hillary Clinton won by 20 points but where there’s a close race between former. Nov 06,  · But Democrats are on offense in Nevada, the one competitive state that Hillary Clinton carried with a GOP Senate incumbent.

If Democrats want any chance at making gains in the Senate. Claim: John F. Kennedy Jr. was a frontrunner for a U.S. Senate seat from New York just before he was killed in a suspicious plane crash in False.

Race Analysis.

United States Senate election in New York, 2000

Since the founding of the Republican Party in the s, New York politics was divided between Republican upstate and Democratic New York City. The growth of the suburbs and the movement of the white working class toward the party of Eisenhower moved the balance toward the Republicans for a while.

The battle for Senate in New York State has been a close race between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republican, Rick A. Lazio. It was said to be the most unusual political contest since when Robert F.

Kennedy defeated Kenneth B. Keating.

An updated guide to the 2018 state Senate elections

Per New York State law, Clinton and Lazio totals include their minor party line votes: Liberal Party of New York and Working Families Party for Clinton, Conservative Party for Lazio. Analysis. Clinton won the election on November 7 with 55 percent of the vote to Lazio's 43 percent, a difference larger than most observers had expected.

An analysis of the battle for senate in new york state as a close race between hillary rodham clinto
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