A study on parental role socialization and the transition to parenthood

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Transition to parenthood: the needs of parents in pregnancy and early parenthood

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Transitionto Parenthood

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The Parenting of Adolescents and Adolescents as Parents: A Developmental Contextual Perspective

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The present study examined the changes in drug use during the transition from emerging adulthood into young adulthood among a community sample of children of alcoholics (COAs) and demographically matched non-COAs.

The Family Cycle & Adult Development: Marriage, Parenthood & the Empty Nest Chapter 10 / Lesson 7 Transcript Video. The current perspective of transition to parenthood is that, for the majority of families, parenthood is a developmental transition rather than a crisis Parents are stimulated to try new coping strategies as they work to master their new role and reach new developmental levels.

Investigated relationship between level of socialization for parenthood among primiparous married couples (n=) and indicators of personal, family, and infant well-being. Results indicated when social support, life events, childhood experience, health, education, and income were held constant the level of socialization predicted personal and family well-being for both mothers and fathers.

Parents are instrumental in the healthy development of their children, and consequently future generations, and should therefore be supported in their parental role.

Gender-Role Attitudes and Behavior Across the Transition to Parenthood

Using a Grounded Theory framework, 24 parents of 0- to year-olds were interviewed about their. A structural analysis of the parental role cycle pinpoints the factors which make the transition to parenthood more difficut than marital and occupational adjustment in American society: (1) lack.

A study on parental role socialization and the transition to parenthood
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