A study of the relation between poverty and brain development

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Childhood stimulation key to brain development, study finds

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Study Finds Association Between Poverty And Brain Development During Childhood

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Poverty Disturbs Children's Brain Development and Academic Performance

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Acknowledging that multiple brain areas and networks support higher-level processes, and noting that differences in structure do not necessarily correlate with differences in cognitive ability, we group brain areas and processes together in our discussion to provide a richer understanding of the relations between poverty and physical and.

As exposure to poverty is well known to be strongly associated with a variety of negative life experiences, the role that these risk factors appeared to play in the relationship between poverty and alterations in brain development elucidates more specific targets for prevention.

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After scanning the brains of more than 1, individuals, scientists have found a relationship between brain size and socioeconomic status in children and adolescents.

Overall, Noble’s work adds to a growing body of research showing the negative relation between poverty and brain development and these findings may explain (at least in part) why children from poor families are less likely to obtain good grades at school, graduate from high-school or attend college.

A study of the relation between poverty and brain development
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